Ennovation Technology odpowiadało za m.in. projekt baterii i integrację napędu w projekcie polskiego samochodu dostawczego - eVAN.

The e-Van project is a National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR) initiative, aiming to create an electric delivery vehicle with a weight capacity of 3.5/4.25 tons and a payload of 1000kg, while achieving a range of 250 km. The project was implemented in stages, with many companies initially competing with various concepts, and gradually, in subsequent stages, the best projects were selected.


In this project, Ennovation Technology provides technological support to Autobox Innovations and is responsible for the technological development of the project. Our tasks included designing the frame and suspension, traction battery, drive integration, wiring harnesses, and the infotainment system.


The propulsion system used is an integrated unit with a gearbox and differential, allowing the motor to be mounted very close to the axle, saving significant space compared to a centrally located motor.


Vehicle parameters:

  • Permissible gross weight: 3500 kg
  • Curb weight: 2250 kg
  • Batteries energy: 120 kWh, NMC
  • Range: 325 km
  • Independent front and rear suspension
  • Nominal power (2×4) 70 kW
  • Instantaneous power (2×4) 140 kW
  • Nominal power (4×4) 140 kW
  • Instantaneous power (4×4) 280 kW



The traction battery consists of three batteries operating in parallel, connected with a masterbox. The cells used in this construction are prismatic NMC cells, resulting in a total capacity of 120 kWh and a nominal voltage of 399.6V. The battery system can be charged using a type 2 connector as well as CCS-2 with a power of 120 kW. In addition to designing and manufacturing the battery, we have also handled its ECE-R100 and R10 certification. This ensures that our design can be successfully used in various automotive and non-automotive projects, guaranteeing product quality and safety.


The central controller of the vehicle is our proprietary VCU with CCS charging function. It is responsible for collecting all signals from sensors and sensors in the vehicle and its components, as well as from the cabin, and then processes and uses them to control the entire vehicle, from turn signals to propulsion. Since we have created it ourselves, we can flexibly adjust its parameters, independently establish communication between peripherals, and prioritize them.


As part of the project, we have created two displays for the e-Van vehicle. One is for the driver, with the possibility of control from the steering wheel. This screen displays information about the vehicle, speed, range, messages, and other essential data for the driver. The central display, on the other hand, is 15 inches and is used for operating the radio, displaying the 360-degree camera view, and also has built-in Android Auto capability.