Conversion of delivery cars and trucks

Converting a combustion vehicle comes with plenty of advantages:

  • Foremost, when transitioning from a combustion vehicle to electric, we extend the operational lifespan while replacing the worn combustion drive with its emission-free counterpart,
  • We also avoid higher recycling costs associated with disposal of a combustion car,
  • We significantly reduce the environmental footprint of manufacturing a new vehicle. and converting a vehicle only covers about 30% the cost of purchasing a new one,
  • We expedite the process of energy transformation by utilizing the existing vehicles fleet, eliminating the need to wait for new vehicles.

The most favorable situation from an economic point of view is the conversion of vehicles that are 5-8 years old.

We integrate electric drives into existing vehicles chassis while simultaneously aiding clients in the homologation process and ensuring roadworthiness. Together with the drive system, we deliver necessary technical documentation register the vehicle.