Our products

Li-ion Battery

We offer lithium-ion batteries of NMC, LFP, LTO chemistry in the voltages up to 1500V, adapted for parallel and series operation.

We offer vehicle controllers, displays, input/output modules, insulation status monitors, and loggers, devices that are key components of electric vehicles.

Integrated power electronics modules ensure compact design, reliability and ease of integration.

On-board chargers are an essential component that allow you to charge your vehicle in AC charging mode. Charging can be carried out with a single or three-phase power supply. Popular charging power levels are 6kW, 11kW and 22kW.

One-way and two-way devices with a power of 11 and 22 kW respectively, used for testing and charging batteries or other energy carriers.

We are an integrator of drive systems for trucks, vans, passenger cars and special purpose vehicles.

Devices for the high-voltage connections of the battery, drive, charging connectors and on-board chargers. They can be equipped with a superior battery controller, insulation status monitor, safety loop controllers, precharge, DC/DC converters.

Electric power steering gears with the ability to calibrate the power steering torque depending on the vehicle speed.

We offer charging stations with a power of 30 to 480kW, each can also be equipped with a 22kW AC module.

High-voltage and low-voltage battery management systems offering battery monitoring up to 1500V, supporting parallel and series operation of batteries. They cooperate with the insulation status monitor. Configurable devices, supported by desktop and mobile applications. Complies with UN ECE R10.05 and UN ECE R100.03 regulations.

We offer devices for testing electric drives and lithium-ion batteries. Our offer includes HIL solutions, bi-directional chargers up to 1000V, input and output extensions, insulation testers, as well as software with test scenarios.

Ready-made conversion kits for vehicles and work machines that can be fitted to an existing vehicle chassis. We offer front-wheel, rear-wheel drive, and all-wheel drive solutions. The kits are used in delivery cars, trucks, buses, as well as construction machinery, mining, or in the marine industry.

Industrial energy storage systems are systems that collect and store electricity for later use. We offer small industrial energy storage in rack solutions as well as container energy storage from 100kW to several megawatt hours of stored energy.

Our offer includes other devices and accessories for electric drives, such as accelerator pedals, PTC heaters for heating water and air cabins, gear selectors, air conditioning compressors, charging sockets.