Ennovation Technology was founded with the aim of advancing the transition to electromobility in the transportation sector.
Our extensive research facilities allow us to deliver accurate
and professional engineering solutions along with creating functional prototypes
in the field of electromobility for the automotive and manufacturing industries.

We differ from the competition by providing complete solutions. System integration is our expertise, which enables our clients to avoid issues related to integrating individual systems. This, in turn, minimizes R&D costs and expenses associated with component integration, significantly shortening the time required to bring the product to market.

  • We are the part of capital group – Grupa Zasada.
  • We deliver our solutions to Polish and foreign markets.
  • We specialize in delivering complete electric drives, low and high-voltage lithium-ion batteries as well as DC charging stations with a power from 30 kW up to 480 kW. 
  • Team of experts

Our team consists of experienced engineers, actively participating in the development of science and technology, who work on projects with passion and commitment in order to deliver the best solutions to assist our client in achieving their business goals.

  • Research background

We have an advanced research background and development centre equipped with state-of-the-art devices. Owing to this, we are capable of undertaking even the most challenging projects and delivering innovative and well-established solutions to our clients.

  • Grupa Zasada

We are part of the Zasada Group, which is one of the largest capital groups, consisting of over 50 companies. The Group’s companies are actively involved in the automotive, lifestyle, manufacturing, and real estate development industries.