Ennovation Technology was established to advance transportation towards electromobility

Ennovation Technology is an active participant in the electromobility and energy transformation sector. We specialize in providing DC charging stations, industrial energy storage facilities, electric drives, and low- and high-voltage lithium-ion batteries. Our solutions are delivered to both the domestic and international markets.

  • Team of experts

Our team consists of experienced engineers actively involved in technology and science development. With passion and dedication, we work on projects to deliver the best solutions and assist our clients in achieving their business goals.

  • Research facilities

With our extensive research infrastructure and a development center equipped with cutting-edge facilities, we have the capability to undertake even the most demanding projects, ensuring that we consistently deliver innovative, proven solutions to our clients.

  • Zasada Group

“We are part of the Zasada Group, one of the largest capital groups comprising over 50 companies. The Group’s companies are actively involved in the automotive, real estate development, manufacturing, and lifestyle industries.