We are testing security systems for one of the largest manufacturers of commercial vehicles

We are testing security systems for one of the largest manufacturers of commercial vehicles

The Polish startup Ennovation Technology has entered into cooperation with Foton Motor, a leader in the commercial vehicle industry and one of the world’s largest producers of delivery and heavy-duty trucks. Polish engineers have been entrusted with conducting tests on the latest safety systems and adapting them to European requirements and standards.

Ennovation Technology – Who are they?

Ennovation Technology is a Polish technological startup in the electromobility sector. Its offerings include electric motors, complete drive units, batteries for electric vehicles, and charging stations. Additionally, the company has experience in converting combustion engine vehicles to electric, integrating drive components, and conducting tests and research in the field of electromobility. The company’s solutions are delivered both to the Polish and international markets.

As one of the two companies, Ennovation Technology is also developing an electric delivery vehicle as part of the e-Van competition organized by the National Center for Research and Development. The company already has experience in vehicle construction, including participation in the development of the hybrid military airborne transporter Taero, for which Ennovation Technology provided the traction battery, electric motor, and vehicle controller. The company also worked on the electric transport vehicle eSWT for use in mines.

The role of Polish engineers in the development of the global electromobility market

Foton Motor is a leading manufacturer of commercial vehicles worldwide, producing trucks, small delivery vehicles, pickups, buses, and construction machinery. The company focuses primarily on electromobility solutions and collaborates with Ennovation Technology on one of its projects, where the testing of new safety systems has been entrusted to the Polish company. The initial focus was on the lane-keeping system and emergency braking, which will be mandatory equipment for all new passenger and delivery vehicles from July 7, 2024. Polish engineers from Ennovation Technology were responsible for data collection, adapting systems to local infrastructure, and calibrating cameras and sensors.

It was a labor-intensive and patience-demanding task. We covered over 30,000 km in two trucks across Poland, collecting a vast amount of data. Subsequently, these data required processing and in-depth analysis to finally be used for the proper calibration of devices within the safety systems we were testing. We put a lot of effort into adapting the tested systems to the local infrastructure and ensuring their performance in diverse weather and road conditions. We had to comply with EU homologation regulations and conduct the entire process in line with rigorous requirements, explains Piotr Lange, Technical Director at Ennovation Technology.

The tasks of the Polish company do not end here, and it is possible that they will be involved in the examination, testing, and integration of additional systems such as blind-spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, tire pressure monitoring system, alcohol lock, or information systems overseeing cybersecurity. These solutions are mandatory for new vehicles, aiming to improve road safety, covering both passenger and commercial vehicles, including trucks and buses. The implementation of each of these systems involves numerous studies and tests, as the inadequate development of this aspect may not only fail to reduce the number of accidents but could even pose a threat in certain situations.

Our research work requires combining mechanical skills with IT competencies, and it is not an easy task. We took it on due to the desire to develop automated transport, and we are pleased that we have a real impact on increasing road safety globally. For our company, it is also an opportunity to gain valuable experience and show other potential large clients that it is worth collaborating with startups like Ennovation Technology. This has a direct impact on the progress of electromobility in Poland. We are already using the acquired competencies in the construction of the e-Van, a Polish electric delivery vehicle, and this is certainly not our last major project. Our actions activate the local electric vehicle industry and prepare us for competition in international markets. We are satisfied that a Polish startup is contributing in such a significant way to the development of the automotive sector, says Mateusz Wach, CEO of Ennovation Technology.

E-VAN Sp. z o.o., under the signed agreements, is the exclusive distributor of FOTON vehicles and the producer of selected models of electric vehicles under this brand. Foton eAumark 100% electric delivery vehicles with a GVW of 4.25 tons provide an excellent alternative for the last-mile logistics market and urban services, especially as they can be driven by drivers with a B category driving license, without the need for a tachograph installation when transporting goods within a 100 km radius from the company’s base.